Flood Proof Your Commercial Roofs with Our Roof Coating

Aerial Contracting Ltd is involved in specialist roof coating which seals, protects, and extends the safe, usable life of any commercial roof structure. Water damage can be very costly and therefore it is essential to take steps to prevent water ingress and the risk of damage to rolling stock and buildings. If a leak does occur, the damage can often go unnoticed for a significant length of time during which water continues to penetrate, soaking the structure beneath it.

One of the main problems with the maintenance of flat roofs is their tendency to leak, particularly if the roof is old or neglected. This can lead to expensive damage to the structure beneath it as a result of the rot, which often develops and can prove to be unsightly for the occupants of the building. In addition, once the underlying roof decking is soaked, sagging often occurs and the problem worsens.

Our Services

The service we provide will be the ideal solution for preventing the ingress of water. We use a liquid waterproofing solution which provides exceptional durability and lasting peace of mind. It can be applied to various exterior surfaces, providing a lasting barrier to water penetration by forming a seamless membrane across the surface. Another advantage is that this system enables us to apply the coating in damp and cold conditions, giving the roof immediate protection. The product is cold-pour applied and cures into a flexible waterproof coating, which is designed to adjust to repairing, seams, welds, and joints, allowing complex shapes to be waterproofed without removal.

Not only is this product used as a quicker alternative to felting, it is proven to be cheaper and more durable. Once applied it provides a tough waterproof barrier, which is highly resistant to sunlight, will not go brittle, and protects the substrate for 25 years.

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