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Painting and Cleaning

Specialising in the upkeep and maintenance of structures that can be difficult to access, we are experienced in painting and cleaning towers and masts across Europe.

Painting and Cleaning

Full Inspection

Prevent minor damage from developing into a major catastrophe with regular maintenance. Aerial Contracting Ltd consists of dedicated inspectors with years of experience, ensuring that all aspects of critical infrastructure are safe and up to standards.

Regular Maintenance

Roof Coating

Our roof coatings seal, protect, and extend the life of any roof structure. Flat roofs tend to leak, therefore it’s always worth investing in a reliable, waterproof solution in order to protect your assets in the long term.

Roof Coating

About Us

Based in Nottingham, Aerial Contracting Ltd offers radio mast maintenance services and roof painting and coating services to clients located in the UK, Republic of Ireland, and the Netherlands. Our employees have more than 10 years of experience and are known for delivering on promises and abiding by health and safety regulations at all times. We’re frequently trusted by the UK’s biggest communication firms and as a result, have the capability to fulfil virtually any contract. We welcome your challenge!

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